Welcome to the LEADING CHANGE COMMUNITY. My name is Jos Mitchell and I am the Mayor of Redland City.

Here's a little bit about me -

 I am a Redlands local who, along with my husband, has raised our 3 children in the Redlands.  We love living here and enjoying the bayside lifestyle. 

 My career history has traversed both public and private sectors -

In 2018 I became a nationally accredited mediator, dealing mostly with workplace conflict. I am personally very interested in workplace culture and wellbeing and have a passion for team building.

I have worked within local government as a manager of Sustainable Communities, which included portfolios of Economic Development, Tourism and Events, Grants, Age and Disability, Aboriginal Projects, Youth, Before & After School Care (OOSH), Libraries, Special Projects and Public Art.  Some highlights during my time in NSW were - Negotiating the successful adoption of the Tourism Plan in the second largest tourism portal in NSW, writing the Youth Policy for council, speaking at an international conference for Local Government, providing a submission to the Legislation Assembly on the NBN, implementing change management processes, managing large scale community consultation processes and leading a large and diverse team.

Prior to that, I co-founded a company supplying photographic and design services for local, national and international clients. Our client list included, Queensland Office of Premier and Cabinet, Australia Post, Proctor, Ergon Energy, Stockland, Pfizer and Commander. We grew our business to provide employment for other local people and provided traineeships to school leavers. We supported numerous charities during our operation and provided the photography for the annual Channel 10 Children's Christmas Party.

Early in my career I spent over a decade working with the Queensland Police Service (QPS) in metropolitan Brisbane and Central Queensland.  I served as a general duties officer, police prosecutor and, for the last few years of my service, as a regional education and training officer. During my time with the QPS, I also performed additional functions including as a Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer and Protective Behaviours trainer. Being a first responder is an incredibly grounding experience.  Police see the best and worst of humanity and I am very proud to say I served my community.

During my periods of self employment, I have also completed contract and consultancy work providing advice in relation to complaints processes, business development, process improvement and strategic planning in the private, community development and tertiary education sectors.

I have also served as a board director for regional development and water organisations in Central Queensland.

I champion high ethical standards, integrity, transparency, genuine community engagement and inclusivity and I have backed this up by speaking out previously and helping others to do the same.  My commitment to make a change is based on wanting the best possible representation for our Redlands community.




Authorised by Malcolm Robinson, Level 10, 420 George Street, Brisbane.

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